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Do You Know Anyone Still Not On Facebook Or Instagram? Either Do We.


According to Global Web Index, 79% of adults use Facebook, Instagram currently has over 600 million active users,

37% of internet users follow their favourite brands on social media and 30% of internet users use social networks to research products and services. Social media gives your company or brand insight into how it can continue to evolve and deliver results for your bottom line and your consumers.


Social media is a long-term investment and as the name suggests is “social” which requires nurturing, trust in your product, finding common ground with your audience and patience just like a real relationship. An objective-led social media strategy will help you achieve your business goals

and combat challenges while offering a wider reach through extending your services to a larger population on highly interactive platforms.

Share ability and ease of contact are just two powerful elements of the ever evolving repertoire social media has to offer.


Remaining a successful business requires staying relevant and what better way than trending right there, in the place consumers are already having open conversation about their wants, needs and #goals.


So what can we do for you and your business?

Social Society are social media experts delivering innovative and engaging content that will open up your business’s brand potential, daily by:

  •   Increasing sales and customer retention through regular interaction
  •  Promoting your products and services to your target market and demographic
  •  Generating higher converting leads
  •  Sharing your content faster and easier
  •  Building relationships and trust
  •  Providing timely customer support
  •  Monitoring your reputation online

How do we make you a success?


  •  Position You In Front Of Your Target Market
  •  High Quality Photography
  •  Engaging Original Copy
  •  Innovative Videography
  •  High Quality Graphic Design
  •  Digital Influencer Collaboration
  •  Energetic Visual Content
  •  Competitive Analysis of Your Competition
  •  Effective Ad Strategies


We Already Know How Fabulous You Are, Let Us Share That Goodness Around


The brilliance of utilizing organic channels for your brand to vocalise is not lost at #SocialSociety. Simply defined, individuals with online influence are “digital tastemakers”. Through social media or content marketing strategy, influencers act as an impetus to their audience and define future trends.


With our carefully curated collection of prominent influencers, your mastery is forwarded directly to your target audience from relevant, reputable voices. Let us curate a carefully designed structure so you are able to reach your target demographic. The three primary categories within the concept:

  • Reach (total social followers)
  • Resonance (frequency of publishing)
  • Relevance (authority)


We’d love to help you out.