8 Trendy Apps for Creating Instagram Collages

One of the biggest marketing trends of 2019 is Instagram collages.  

But these collages aren’t like those cheesy ones we make on our friend’s birthday; instead they are beautifully designed pieces of content that will allow you to spice up your content, stitch together more images and videos in a smaller space and attract more attention from the audience.

Here are 8 great apps to create collages for your Instagram posts and stories:

#1 An Instagrammer Favourite – Unfold

Unfold is believed to be a massive contributor to the growing trend of Instagram collage stories. Last year, Unfold exploded on Instagram stories, with many of their templates becoming a popular way for users to share products and outfits in less slides. In fact, the Instagram collage trend has grown so much that brands have started to collaborate with collage apps to release their own branded collage templates. Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Unfold to release their own templates:

With Unfold, you can create minimal and elegant templates perfect for stories and posts. Two key benefits of Unfold is that they keep templates fresh and on-trend by regularly adding new templates, and they let you preview your story with ‘Story mode,’ giving you the chance to see how your stories will appear in real time.#

#2 Fun and Trendy – Storyluxe

This app includes a wide variety of cool Instagram collage templates including polaroid, floral, neon, and many more. It’s perfect for creating collages to fit your feed posts as it has both a 4:5 (Instagram Portrait) and 9:16 (Instagram Stories) option for each collage template.

#3 Create Seamless Posts- SCRL

The SCRL app gives you the freedom to customise your collage by offering tons of options to customise, including an Unsplash stock photo library with over 300,000 images to choose from, and an array of trendy fonts.

#4 Get Creative – PicMonkey

PicMonkey’s templates are entirely customizable. You can choose from starting with a blank canvas or making as little or as many adjustments to an existing collage template. The app comes with a ton of options including adjusting the background, adding swatches, or even editing your photos from your desktop or right from the app.

#5 Showcase your Business – Over #

Create on-brand collages with Over’s large offering of photos, fonts, graphics, templates and tools. If you’re stuck on how to design your collage you can head over to their #bestofover hashtag to get some inspiration from other creators!  

#6 Show Your Personality – Tezza

A great app if you’re looking to add a pop of colour or personality to your posts! The new collage templates give users flexibility to change colours and choose different fonts.

#7 Add Animation – Mojo

Animation to Instagram stories can create attention-grabbing content! The Mojo app allows you to create high quality video collages from a large range of animated collage templates. The templates also include customisable features, including trim, crop, add effects, titles, colours, speed change, and more.

#8 Show Off Your Artsy Side – A Design Kit

Create fun and eye-catching content by adding elements like paint strokes, graphics, and other cool effects to your photo collages. A Design Kit can be used for Instagram post and stories.

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