8 Tips on How to Grow Your Start-up Using Social Media

You’re trying to grow your small business and realise that a stronger social media presence is the way to do it. But where do you begin?

With the right strategy, social media marketing can help effectively and affordably launch your start-up. With this guide, you will learn 8 essential tips to help assist you in your social media marketing efforts:

1) Market Research

Before you get ahead of yourself, be sure to do your homework. Make sure you’ve done extensive research on your audience and expand on the market research you’ve probably already done. This research should be focused on social media behaviour.

2) Learn About Your Audience

Some important information about your target audience you should be keeping account of:

  • The location of your target market
  • The online behaviours of your target market
  • How long they spend on the internet
  • Which social media platforms they use
  • How often they use social media.

Remember: quality over quantity. It’s not about signing up for every social media platform available but finding out which platforms your customers use most.

3) Consistency is Key

Make sure your social media channels are consistent by using the same handle for every platform. This will make it easier for users to find and follow you and avoid the risk of confusing your target market.

4) Craft a High-level Social Media Marketing Plan

This plan should be for each platform you use. It’s best to avoid being too specific or detailed with your marketing plan as you’re still in the beginning phases.

Make sure your marketing plan includes weekly and monthly goals. For example, increasing reach by a certain percentage or increasing followers by this amount.

5) Master Your Skills

Using more social media platforms does not necessarily mean higher exposure. It’s best to focus on a handful of platforms that are used by your target consumers and concentrate your efforts to these platforms.

6) Build your Brand Message

First things first, you need to find out what you want to say. For example, is it the benefits of your product? The value it gives to society?

Secondly, after you’ve picked your message you have go with it. Then, using the language of your consumer, you have to speak to them in their language.

7) Post Consistently

Posting consistently will keep your customers engaged and make it easier for them to find you and understand your brand. Instead of aiming to post daily or hourly, it’s better to post every week at the same time than posting hourly one day then not at all the next.

8) Use the Right Tools

Marketing automation tools can help you save time and energy by allowing you to schedule and deploy social media updates from one single dashboard.

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