8 Social Media Mistakes that Annoy Your Audience

Businesses on social media should ensure their content strategy is carefully planned to keep your audience happy and engaged. A recent study from Adobe of 1000 U.S. consumers was conducted which specifically outlined what annoys them most about social media content from brands.

Make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

1) Too Wordy or Poorly Written

39% of participants are annoyed by content that is too wordy or poorly written. Make sure you avoid this major turnoff by ensuring your language is clear, concise and easy to understand. If you’re unsure, it’s always good to ask for a second set of eyes to review your content before posting.

2) Not Visually Appealing

28% of participants are annoyed by content that is not visually appealing. Therefore, make sure your content is attractive to improve your chances of converting social media consumers into customers.

3) Too Personal and Creepy

According to the study, a majority of consumers (82%) said they would stop purchasing from a brand if it crossed the line with a creepy personalised experience. Of course, personalisation is great – however too much can come across as creepy. You don’t want your consumers to feel like you are spying on them.

4) Already Seen or Stale

Make sure your content is new and fresh. If your audience is constantly seeing the same piece of content that has been shared by a brand multiple times, it can look of lesser value.

5) Not Personalised Enough

As a counterbalance to point 3, consumers do prefer content that is created with the audience in mind. Content should appeal to consumers by being relevant and relatable to their personal situation or specific question.

6) Not Optimized for Their Device

Considering most social media content consumption takes place on a mobile device, it is smart to focus on mobile-first creative for advertising. Ensure your content is readable and great to look at on any device.

7) No Photos or Videos

Your content strategy should focus not just on the text but incorporating interesting video or imagery. This is because social media platforms tend to skew greatly towards content with video or images.

8)  Promotes Content They’ve Already Purchased

Try to avoid publishing redundant promotions to people who’ve already become a customer and can’t utilize it.  This will minimise the risk of annoying your social media audience. For example, it would be frustrating to buy something full price online only to see a discount code for said item after purchasing.

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